- Mini zoo
- Ride in cart cars through the surrounding forests
- A carriage ride
- Sleigh
- Horse riding, lists for individual lessons and driving off-road at number 663-620-139 Instructor

Additional attractions
We invite you to try our offer of accommodations available on request.

We confirm prices of particular attractions for individuals and organized groups by phone or email on an address you delivered.


Ahead of participants awaits riding in rough terrain, driving an off-road vehicles – with aggressive tread pattern and a winch. These vehicles, depending on the availability of sites, ride through mud, in which they bog down and from which participants will have to get them out. Our vehicles are cars like a Nissan Patrol or Jeep Cheeroke, so they are well known as brands of crossing vehicles. Depending on the expectations of the group, we carry out an exceptional off-road – from recreation ride on gravel to extreme crossing of mud, where it will not be possible to pass through without getting out of the car and pulling out of the wetland area. We dare you to conquer the most treacherous off-road conditions imaginable. The key to success will be group work. An item of competition will arise in a series of special tasks, such as drawing the car on time, maneuvering the designated square, wheel change, route guiding … Teams during the special tasks are fighting against each other.

Paintball is a classic competition of an integrative character, where two teams shoot each other with special rifles and balls of colored paint. Participants, who are equipped with protective clothing and special masks to protect their faces ,are designed to achieve a variety of scenarios. Starting from the simplest – involving the mutual elimination, to more complex – with conquering flags included. This type of game is always extremely exciting, even for those who have already tried paintball. Each participant will receive 200 balls for the duration of play.

Speedball is a sport version of the popular game of paintball. The proposed here takes the form of fun competition where the venue will be surrounded by a retaining net balls paintball. Inside the box in a symmetric system is set inflatable obstacles, behind which they can hide tournament participants. The team, which will eliminate the opposing group. Each game lasts for up to five minutes, so the fun is extremely dynamic. For all the games run statistics are winners and losers. We provide 200 balls paintball fun for every participant

We propose a return to childhood years and meeting men’s dream of the old days – racing on a giant mock-up of Formula 1 track. The participants can choose from over 20 different vehicles. High-speed, dangerous curves and fierce competition with other participants, all with the use of small cars. Bandwidth of competition allows for involvement of many people in a short period of time. Typically playful competition allowing for competition between subgroups and individual players. We guarantee lots of laughter during accidents of speeding cars on the track.

The task designed for participants of this competition is to ride an ATV on the designated track. Depending on the availability of sites we organize mud crossings, driveways, ramps and water obstacles, during which drivers will be able to check the precise and safe driving. We supply our participants trouble-free vehicles from Yamaha, which provide lots of entertainment impressions. Track time of each participant can be saved, and finally the best driver is chosen in the group.

Buggy, also called a piper, is a combination of speed, safety and bravery in the field. Equipped with a steel frame and multi-point belts ensure complete safety of their drivers. Pipers are a great deal of experience, especially because you can use them, as opposed to the quad, in attempts to speed events. Several meters skids of rear drive vehicles do not cause difficulties even for inexperienced drivers. These vehicles allow you to travel at speeds of about 50 km/h, which with their low suspension ensures unforgettable emotions.

Large inflatable swimming pool is filled with a ton of colorful, soft balls – here children can immerse themselves in them, and splash around at will. This competition is a proven proposition when it comes to attractions for the youngest participants, who are too young to enjoy other attractions. Of course, nothing stands in the way for toddlers in this competition to be accompanied by parents. At the same time the pool can be used by five children.

Hovercraft is an unusual vehicle, which is moving over the earth’s surface, guaranteeing unforgettable emotions. We give it, after short training, into the hands of the attendees who can daunt it when trying to accurately maneuver in designated areas. Between areas, the vehicle can move at a speed of 60km/h. High level of the inertia of the hovercraft does not help to control it, but it provides great impressions for attendees. We provide an equipment with a well-known Rotax engine.

Great fun for the rivalry between the groups of participants – in a cheerful and funny costumes participants feel like sumo wrestlers. Strength and agility in this competition go hand in hand with the strategy and ingenuity of the participant of fun. The participants will fight a fierce battle on a designated mat in the Japanese style – who falls down on his back or leave the mat – lose. This competition, due to the performance on a soft surface, as well as the cervical protection, is completely safe.

The scarf of KLANZY is a circular in shape and is similar to a colorful parachute. It can be used indoors or outdoors, when employed to any age group. When scarves are used, one can organize a variety of games that combine visual sensation, touch and movement. It brings a cheerful mood and relaxation, providing unforgettable experiences to participants and at the same time generating a mysterious atmosphere, stimulating the imagination and triggering positive emotions, which encourage acting in groups.

Wheelsurf is a unique device, that we use for social events as the only company in whole Poland. Our unicycle is run by one person sitting inside the car in the shape of a big (over 2 meters in diameter) circle. The task of the participant is to ride between the start and the finish line. Speed limit of this vehicle reaches even tens of km / h – the higher the speed the more stable the ride (just as in case of the bicycle).

Segways are two-wheeled unusual vehicles with an electric motor. With complicated electronics and the system of gyroscopes Segways are aware of their location and always maintain vertical positions. During our events we use Segways version field that perform slalom on a specially prepared track. Their intuitive operation allows the use of any vehicle already in a few seconds from the moment the first time will come for him. Recommended for all types of groups.

Amphibian do not limit its field of activities only to the earth, but it is also able to move through the swamps, rivers and lakes. This completely non-standard vehicles will surprise all with its control mechanism. With the use of the internal combustion engine, which drives eight wheels so that few obstacles can stop this vehicle. The task of participants of this competition is the independent driving of an amphibian and beating the designated efficiency track.

We offer inflatable climbing wall, which, under the watchful eye of coach, is safe to climb. Everyone can try their skills at climbing to a height of eight feet on one of the two parallel tracks. Thanks to that, this attraction can be performed also in the form of a competition. Due to the large height of the track, wall members are secured on the ground for the entire duration of the competition. This competition does not have any field requirement.

Classic alpine competition. At a height of up to seven meters two parallel lines are installed, one under the other. The participant enters the lower one, holding hands the higher one, and then overcomes given distance. The participant is always secured over by his safety instructor. As the rope is attached at heights, adrenaline is guaranteed. Moreover, this attraction can help participants overcome their fears of – for example, space or height.

Trampoline is a versatile choice for children of all ages as well as adults. Participants can safely jump on the trampoline, do any saults and gym exercises. A specialized instructor is protecting participants during the play against any falls – so there’s no worries about the health of the participants. Our trampolines are three feet in diameter, allowing several people to have fun at the same time, depending on their height and weight.

The youngest always have a great time playing on the bouncy castle. This attraction allows children to jump on a big rubber cushion, limited on all sides with elastic nets. The whole forms the shape of a high for about three meters castle with four towers. Each of the hundreds of picnics, where we have already used a similar device, was besieged by children, often accompanied by parents.

Participants can have their face painted on a special position, so that for a moment they turn into their favorite character – Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck? Or maybe Batman? Our make-up artist will fulfill your every dream. This competition is a dream-come-true for the little ones, that always makes a big queues of kids. For face painting we use specially prepared inks.

Inflatable water slide is a must for any picnic, which will consists of children. Wildly colorful and equipped with a towering cheerful dinosaur encourages participants to play with. High for about three meters allows a few children to have fun at the same time, who first climb up the stairs to slide down moments later. Whole place is completely safe, and the youngest all the time are under the supervision of an instructor.

Tournament of gladiators is a great show every time. Players are on a special inflatable arena, and the task of each of them is to hit the enemy in such a way, that he/she fells from the rise on a safe surface. Strokes are made with soft sticks, and the participants themselves also are equipped with the helmets worn on head. Thanks to this, competition is not only entertaining, but also completely safe.

The task for participants of this competition is to test themselves in the role of archers shooting from a distance of about twenty meters to a target – mats. To participants disposal traditional bows and arrows are also supplied. Lack of experience is not a problem here, because our instructor will explain the principles of effective use of the bow and correct any mistakes made while shooting. In addition, he will also ensure course’s safety. We provide three archery positions.

Bungee Run is a fantastic blowing attraction. It is equipped with two parallel tracks, on which two of participants are standing. Equipped with a special harnesses the only task is to go as far as possible on the track. It is not easy, because the harness that is attached to an easy-stretching bungee line – the more you pull the rope the more resistance it poses. The one, who manages to stretch the rope most, wins the game. The return to the starting point with this rubber, as a rule, is very fast.

A mechanical bull is a classic of events. Its job is one thing – to do anything to lose the participant of the play off from his back. Meanwhile, he or she, with all his/her strength, keeps one hand on the bull trying not to fall down. This fight takes place on a special inflatable arena, so the fall is always safe. Taurus is controlled by an instructor who selects the speed of rotation of the bull to the expectations of the participants.

Mega-footballers is an extremely popular competition, which involves even twelve people at the same time. The whole play seems like a well-known table football available in the bars, but in the mega scale. We offer participants inflatable football pitch. It is equipped with six crossbars, to which players are attached – this limits their movements and forces to cooperate. Any doubts are allayed by the judge, who guards the proper conduct of the competition.

We invite you to check up on a specially arranged pneumatic rifle for the participants. Under the watchful eye of instructors, participants will be able to take shots from long pneumatic guns, air guns, short gun (imitation of Makarov pistol), and even with airsoft guns, which resembles in every detail a real gun. Shoots are donated to various targets, which allows a clear way to point the whole shooting and carry it as a competition.

In this competition we offer our participants a remotely controlled vehicles powered by combustion. Speeds of up to 60km / h, four wheel drive, almost a meter in length – these are interesting attributes of the equipment in our opinion. The task of the drivers will be to drive on a prepared skill-track. It is not an easy task, because the vehicle is operated by a professional manipulator similar to those used during the RC competition (radio control).

Co-drive is an extreme, high-speed drive as a passenger of a vehicle rally car. In this case, we offer assistance while riding the vehicle Polaris RZR on a closed sector of gravel roads. Polaris RZR is four wheel drive rally car, which takes part in a cross-country rallies. Solid frame and four-point safety belts provide full safety, and experienced driver ensures an unforgettable experience. Maximum speed reaches 130 km/h.

The participants can use inflatable tubes, which the whole team will have to ride like a horse. The goal is simple – as soon as possible get by the pipes to the designated place. Can the team get in sync so that everyone jumps at the same time on the pipes?! It is definately worth it because the team gain valuable points. The competition involves two five-person teams all together forcing the participants to maximize synchronization.

It’s a classic great fun in a larger version. The game requires the implementation of two components – a special clock and a large board with color fields. Body and color is drawn on the clock – this is the part of the body that has to be moved on the color box. As the game can take up to 10 people, after a short time bodies will soon get tangled up in unreliable figures – the team whose members lose balance lose the game. Competition requires from participants certain level of agility and reflex.

Boule is a game which consists of placing a metal ball as close to the so-called pig. A pig is a small ball smaller than the others, which is set by the instructor at a distance of about 6-10 meters from the line of throwing. Each team has three balls and a certain number of throws. To make the play even more interesting, you can hit enemy balls and a pig. After throwing all the balls by both teams the points are calculated to determine the winner team.

Now, with the introduction of a professional army, few people can taste the military drill, loud commands and specific climate soldier. Today, however, this will change – the participants will join a penal division. We propose the use of a short course as part of the initial drill scenario events. Fifteen-minute lesson turns amused participants into penal divisions, will help to divide them into equal groups, and wayward individuals will taste extra push-ups and sit-ups.

During the proposed workshop, participants will take part in thematic blocks:
- Responding in case of traffic accidents,
- Evaluation of the victim, preliminary and detailed tests,
- Types of fractures, dislocations, back injuries,
- Elements of anatomy and physiology,
- Methods of stiffening broken limbs,
- The types of injuries and ways to control the bleeding,
- Side position,
- Shock,
- Seizures, diabetes, myocardial infarction, stroke
- Chemical, thermal injuries, environmental hazards
The workshop ends with a few minutes summary of the lecturer. The course is custom-made to the time, that we have available and the size of the group. The most important thing is that participants are able to independently perform basic life-saving activities.

There is a special position of transmitting and receiving encrypted messages on a treeless are. The group first has to locate the connector, and then, straining their eyes, read and decipher the message, which connector is transmitting. It will not be able, of course, without special cards to encode and decode information using the alphabet with dots and dashes. It is a very unusual competition of an intellectual and educational character, and, at the same time, team building.

We present and we encourage you to choose the most popular and the most economical form of evening entertainment for groups of all sizes. DJ service, in other words, disco party, is performed to satisfy the needs of your group is an excellent idea, regardless of theirs age range and gender structure. The duration of the event is dependent on agreed terms – our standard program lasts six hours of crazy party.

On the sandy area mines were hidden, and the group receives professional metal detectors and special probes sapper available to use. The task that they face is to find dangerous items and disarm them. Everyone quickly finds that it is worth the risk, because the mines are metal cans with chilled beer. Each group can find also one special anti-mine – box with extra gadgets.

We present the participants with the equipment required to play the latest version of the racing game – Dirt, including consoles, multimedia projector, complete sound system and a specially fitted seat with a steering wheel, gear boxes and necessary pedals. Everything is installed in a real racing frame. The task of this competition is simple –drive the vehicle as smoothly as possible and get the shortest possible time. We organize rides for everyone involved and we rank the best drivers. Equipment will provide unpredicted emotions and the form of game will motivate participants to the maximazie their concentration.

We give at your disposal a complete multimedia station – Dance Revolution equipped with Sony consoles, multimedia projector, complete sound system, dance mat and the latest versions of the game Stepmania. On the mat consisting of five buttons, each dancer will have the opportunity to test their skills. An important advantage of this game is the fact that, in addition to a large dose of fun, it also helps maintaining the shape and silhouette. The game is brilliant in its simplicity – each of partying people will see the on-screen arrows that should be followed by feet with the greatest accuracy and speed.

Today we play on Wimbledon courts, on evergreen golf fields in Florida, in a smoky New York’s bowling clubs and perhaps even …we can run in Central Park. The whole multimedia station, which heart is PlayStation, supported by several dozen wide projector or TV screen, a set of sound system and the PS Move motion controller, will take you to all these places in the blink of an eye and without leaving the room. PS Move motion controller transforms the movement of the hand to the virtual world – with its help you can control the actual moves of the character on the screen.

Specially arranged by us, our obstacle track requires participants to run and crawl skills, rapid-firing, throwing a grenade or an axe, all this in cluster of dust and sand. An additional difficulty is a military pack, which certainly does not help the players’ life, and which a true forester would never abandon. Motivated by team players, a player must overcome their weaknesses in order to for his/her team to gain the best time, and after the competition all together could honor the trouble-worth victory.

An excellent game that combines the simplicity of the rules and, at the same time, exciting gameplay. In this game you compete against the dealer, who gives the players cards in accordance with their wishes. If the player decides not to match cards too early and reaches a score worse than the dealer – player loses. This also occurs if the sum exceeds twenty-one in cards. Blackjack is a casino version of the popular game – pontoon. Game is played on a professional table, which allows to play simultaneous game from 6 to 10 people.

Professional table to dice is a rarity in casino events. High band made of dark wood provoke rolling dices in such a way to gain a fortune. To do this, first choose the winning combination of mesh on the dice. The rules of this simple, and yet unknown to most people playing hastily, will be explained by the dealer, who also will ensure the proper conduct of the game. Some say that the dice is the most exciting game that can be found in a casino. We recommend to check it out.

The participants can also enjoy the dragon boats on our agricultural farm – a twenty-men watercraft powered by rowing. Their beaks are finished with heads of dragons, and the stern of multi-colored tails. This competition requires close cooperation between participants both in terms of synchronization in rowing and disposition of forces. One of the participants, who will be a drummer, will be responsible also for the rate of rhythm of the crew. Dragon Boats are a great team competition, where participants can compete in unusual contest.

A classic casino game in which the winning is determined by a stroke of luck. The task is quite simple – choose a number, on which in a moment the ball will fall on the roulette. Were it not for the fact that the fields on the rotor are as many as 37, the task would not be difficult. Fortunately, each participant is free to place any number of fields, thereby increasing his/her chances of winning. We use huge roulette, even 80cm in diameter, and if we add to all that the necessary elements to conduct the game we receive a fully professional position to play.

We offer one of the most extreme and interesting integration programs – ATV expedition. During the implementation of this program, participants are given a series of phases, where they get to know the real possibility of crossing quads. Starting from the basics, such as gear shift and theory of the behavior on the field, by driving gravel roads and fields, to crossing the streams and wetlands. As time pass by, so does the level of applied difficulty of the elements on the road for the participants.

All participants of the game, secured with a rope, will be challenged to cross a swamp or a iver. This competition is a guarantor that everyone will be wet and dirty and .. remember this adventure for the rest of their life. Level of difficulty of this race is tailored to the expectations of the group – from mild wet to an extreme survival version, where the water will reach at least level of the chest. We recommend for groups searching for an unforgettable adventures.

The entire program of the event takes place in the forest, so there may be situations, in which the attendants will be forced to cross a section of the route with the car, but without their engines turned on- pulling them or pushing. Given the fact that these vehicles often weigh more than two tons, the competition can be a challenge for the whole group. Nobody said it would be easy, so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Participants find a military field telephone that will serve them in contact with a hidden supporter. He/she, on the other hand, will provide vital information guiding the group down to the final of the play. This competition is absolutely unusual because of the equipment used. Crank required to establish contact with the caller, and disappearing in the forest green phone line definitely stay for long in the memories of the participants.

An additional advantage of this event is the fact that the participants find different logic puzzles that lead them on to the next round and eventually the final of the entire trip. This form requires participants not only good physical condition, but also creativity and intelligence. Puzzles, which the participants will encounter, will be diverse in nature and degree of difficulty, so everyone will find something for themselves. This competition guarantees a high level of intellectual entertainment!

In this game the random factor is as important as numeracy and strength of character. The famous Texas Hold’em Poker is a fantastic entertainment for up to 10 people. In this kind of game, players have to decide when they raise their bid and when to withdraw, after evaluating combination of cards that they hold in hand, along with those which lie on a solid wood table. As participants play against each other, the game gains more attractiveness – the winner of each game is only one!/div>

Precision is an asset of accountants, but here you do not have to count to be a master. Calmness, accuracy, complete focus and everything in the shortest possible time. Sounds like one of the quiz competition on TV. But the award is not a million and the only opponent are own nerves. Kept in check will allow to pass the competition and get more points in the group. As our own idea, this competition is highly attractive competition among different age groups.

The participants at the end of their exploration will discover an enemy bunker, which they will have to conquer to know the final coordinates of the ultimate waypoint. Therefore, the winning group with the use of a small arsenal (paintball markers) will carry out an attack on fortified forest. Each participant will receive fifty balls at the time of gaining the bunker. This competition is a great final event – it demands activity, cooperation and dedication from the participants of play.

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